About Naihan Li

Naihan Li’s body of works spans from architecture to art, even though she might be best known for her design art furniture work, including the Crates Series, I am a Monument series, Leaning Mountain series etc. Her works have been exhibited by M+ museum, Milan Design Triennial, Venice Architecture Biennial, London Design Musem, Sifang Art Museum and many other public or private institutions and collectors.  


As designer and artist, she has worked with the Gwangju Design Biennial, UBS Bank, Yuzi Museum Shanghai, Swarovski and many international institutions.  With her work mostly exploring the gap between art and design, architecture is the root to Naihan Li thinking process, and contemporary art practice inspiring her to investigate her subject with a bolder view point in equivalent to the sensitivity embraced by artists today. 


Naihan is currently living and working in Shanghai.


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